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1 Year Anniversary Of The Treework Newsletter

1 Year Anniversary of the Treework Newsletter

We are thrilled to announce that this monthโ€™s newsletter marks the first anniversary of our Treework Library and Newsletter service. When we look back to when we first embarked on this project, it is hard to understand just where this time has gone!

Over the last twelve months, we have delivered information, through these channels, on an array of topics. Recipients have included clients, partners, and industry professionals who have had the opportunity to find out more about the company and what events we have presented at or attended. From June 2019, we also introduced our regular library item, โ€œTrees in the News.โ€ This feature provides a round-up of some of the more notable stories and articles released across the broader media. We have provided blogs discussing industry standards, areas of focus and development, and updating you with any changes to industry protocol.

When the doors to the Treework library first opened in February last year, we started with less than 30 articles, papers, and technical guidance documents, made available as downloadable documents. We have worked hard to add to the collection continuously and since then added other resources, including some essential external links and also summary documents relating to updates to relevant policies and procedures. One year on, and we are proud to report that the library now boasts over 110 items! We have lots of ideas on how we can develop this free resource to become more useful and more user friendly and are committed to adding to it with new material.

Do you have ideas for topics that you would like to see included in our newsletter or suitable material that we could add to the Treework Library? If so, our team will be delighted to receive your suggestions by email toย

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