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20 Days, 7 Solar Farms, 5 Counties, 4 Consultants and 1 Awesome Team

We are very proud to have supported Solstice Renewables to deliver planning applications for their most recent batch of solar farms.

Good screening and industry-leading ecology and biodiversity are a key priority for Solstice.

Solstice Renewables

Our excellent team of surveyors were quickly deployed onto the sites within their regions to carry out tree surveys using the BS5837 Planning and Development module in our tree management database and GIS (MyTrees).

Data was passed to our GIS / CAD team within hours of the surveys being completed and plans and details of the constraints imposed on the sites by the trees were promptly delivered to the Solstice designers with expert support provided by our consultants.

The design layouts provided by Solstice where presented in Arboricultural Impact Assessment reports and Tree Protection Plans to support Solstice’s planning applications.

Simon Parfey (Treework Environmental Practice Operations Manager) said: “One of our great successes in recent years is the development of our regional structure, with experts around the country, with central coordination and an excellent support team. This puts us right there, where the client needs us. This delivery is a great demonstration of our abilities.”

Giovanni Maruca, Director (Solstice Renewables) said: “Treework has completed all the tree analysis on our different solar farm sites in a competent and professional manner, helping us to achieve success with our planning applications.”

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