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40 years of Treework

40 Years Tree Image

It is 2022 and we are celebrating our 40th year!

In 1982our founder, Neville Fay incorporated Treework Services Limited.

Neville started his career in (what we now call) arboriculture in the 1970s, responding to Dutch Elm Disease and when Treework was founded it was mainly involved in tree work contracting.

Neville went on to found, with dedicated friends and colleagues, organisations that have revolutionised our engagement with the natural environment such as Tree Aid, the Ancient Tree Forum, the National Tree Safety Group and most recently the Sustainable Soils Alliance.

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So, these are our roots…

In 2005 we became exclusively arboricultural consultancy focused and since then we have grown to a team of 16 people, across the UK.

Throughout our existence, we have had knowledge sharing at our heart and we have built brilliantly fruitful relationships across the world with arboriculturists, landowners and managers, managers of Historic landscapes, Developers, NGOs, Charities, Research Bodies, Universities and many organisations across the Design and Planning sector.

So much innovation has blossomed from these relationships, including our work with soil, and with veteran trees, our MyTrees software, modelling tree growth, tree statics and our Innovations in Arboriculture seminar series.

We will be celebrating our roots, blossoms, and fruits throughout the year, so expect to see more about our history and our plans for the future….and yes, there will be tree planting!

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