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A-Z of tree terms: A companion to British Arboriculture

A Z Of Tree Terms A Companion To British Arboriculture

We were delighted to have recently received Philip Wilson’s third edition, A-Z of tree terms: A companion to British Arboriculture. Philip has been a forestry contractor, forest manager, tree nursery manager, lecturer and researcher, and has published widely in the fields of plant propagation, wood science, top fruit culture. This book is for everyone in Britain with a serious interest in trees.

Quote from Neville Fay, Treework:

‘In a world permeated with white-digital noise and electronic references, it is wonderful to feel the weight of a book of substance and dedication sitting on the bookshelf.  The Companion is an expression of love of the knowledge of trees, clarity and common understanding, and commitment to bring all this to our diverse community. The author has a passion for science, professional communication, and grappling with and simplifying technically complex issues.  I admire the dogged industry and achievement, knowing that in attempting to be comprehensive, brief and accurate in a vast and growing dynamic field, there will be topics in need of constant review.  So, this is more than a book, it is a lifetime’s work, and is highly unusual, in being open and inclusive for those who want to help and contribute to future knowledge. I hope everyone interested will consult the Companion and support this endeavour.’

The book can be bought direct from This website also gives the preface to the three editions and an abridged version of the entries in the second edition.

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