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tree management service

Comprehensive Tree Management Service

Treework Environmental Practice has considerable experience in supporting managers of significant sites with high levels of public access. The practice aids the development and implementation of policy in order that the landowner or manager can meet their duty of care with regard to both public safety and their environmental policy.

Tree management service breakdown:

Policy Formulation

Treework Environmental Practice draws on years of practical experience in the formulation and implementation of our tree management service and strategies with owners of sites with public access.

Prioritisation of Management

In order to enable effective management of trees for duty of care, we prioritise survey and arboricultural works to meet budgetary constraints. Treework Environmental Practice has devised a range of specialist systems for evaluating levels of risk across sites.

Remote Tree Management

With MyTrees (Treework Environmental Practice’s comprehensive database with GIS for tree management) we currently manage in excess of 30,000 trees for a range of landowners and property managers. This service includes responding to queries about individual trees, providing works schedules and liaising with planning authorities.

Analysis of Tree Population Data

We are able to provide analysis of all recorded characteristics of a tree population, including rates of tree loss, trends in tree condition and future budget requirements.

Formulation of Planting Policy

By drawing together tree and site survey information and subsequent analysis with additional information on changes in site use, we provide comprehensive and sustainable tree planting strategies in report and high quality map format.

Outputting Works Orders

Using the MyTrees to manage tree populations allows us to easily produce works orders according to our client’s requirements.

Tender Preparations

Treework Environmental Practice are experienced in the production of tenders for tree surgery work and the supervision of the tender process.

Contract Management

We regularly supervise arboricultural works and have extensive experience in large scale contract management.

Quality Management of Arboricultural Works

Treework Environmental Practice are recognised experts in the management of superior arboricultural work.  This expertise allows us to monitor and enforce high standards of tree surgery works undertaken on behalf of our clients

Treework Environmental Practice also undertakes Training in Arboricultural Best Practice, Environmental Evaluations and provide Assistance with the planning process with our tree management service.


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