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Treework training


Advice for Tree Managers

Arboriculture is a constantly developing field where practitioners and consultants need to be conversant with new developments to ensure best practice.

In a litigious society, tree owners and those who advise on trees need to ensure that they fulfil obligations for duty of care. Arborists need to be fully aware that an understanding the habitat value of trees is fundamental to responsible tree management.

Our consultants are pioneering new techniques in survey methodology and practical tree management and offer courses in:

Environmental Arboriculture

  • Surveying and recording systems for veteran trees
  • The ageing process in trees
  • Understanding population dynamics to determine management strategies
  • Tree biology, fungi and wood decay
  • Co-evolutionary relationship between trees and colonising species
  • Managing trees for biodiversity

Tree Hazard Assessment & Management

  • Background to legal framework
  • Formulation of risk management policy
  • Tree risk survey methods
  • Practical tree risk management

Innovative Arboriculture

  • New techniques in veteran tree management
  • Dead wood management
  • Introduction to tree statics and tree dynamics
  • Tree roots, soil, mycorrhizae and remediation
  • Tree morphology & diagnostics

We tailor and prepare courses to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Lectures, courses and seminars are typically for

  • The National Trust
  • English Nature
  • The Wildlife Trust
  • Local Authorities
  • English Heritage
  • The Countryside Council for Wales
  • The Institute of Chartered Foresters
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