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Tree Safety Management Strategies

Tree Safety Management Strategies

Treework Environmental Practice have long standing experience in developing and reviewing policy and strategy to help Landowners meet their duty of care in relation to trees and public safety.

Our experience includes the management of over 30,000 trees across the UK from planting plan, through inspection and monitoring to administering contracts of works.

Our Tree Safety Management Strategies

This list below illustrates a typical process through which we work with landowners to draw up defendable systems for managing their trees within the context of their particular sites.

Tree Risk Management Consultation

The Tree Risk Management Consultation is generally undertaken during one day and is a preliminary consultation procedure intended to review your tree management systems.
The overall aim of the consultation is to gain an understanding of the site and management structures, including members of staff with responsibility for health and safety and tree management. This will help clarify the requirements of a Tree Risk Management Policy and assist in the process of translating this into a Tree Risk Management Strategy.

Walkover Site Assessment

The Walkover Assessment is an opportunity to verify information provided in relation to site character and usage within discrete areas. The main purpose of the Walk Over is to provide management recommendations for those trees found to pose the highest risk at an early stage in the process.

Cartographical Exercise

This mapping exercise formalises a draft plan with Target Zones, incorporating information gathered by the Consultation and Walk Over. Treework Environmental Practice use GIS, GPS and AutoCAD to produce high quality plans and deliver cartographical information in formats compatible with our clients systems.

Tree Risk Management Policy

The Tree Risk Management Policy will draw together information gathered by the Consultation and Walkover and formalise these into a structured statement for practical tree management to meet duty of care.

Tree Risk Management Strategy

The Tree Risk Management Strategy is a defendable methodology for managing risks posed by trees in the light of the Tree Risk Management Policy.

Treework Environmental Practice can also offer:

  • Tree risk and condition surveys
  • GIS and GPS plotting of trees
  • FREE database and GIS with tree information that we collect
  • Annual tree management budgets
  • Administration of tree work tenders and contracts
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