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Treework contracting

Tree Work Contracting

Treework Environmental Practice offers a professional contract management service from a range of professionals. Our carefully selected tree surgeons are able to deal with all of types of tree work, from small scale tree surgery to more specialist services, including veteran tree surgery techniques.

Tender Preparation and Quote Requests

In order to ensure that our clients receive good value and quality we draw up quote requests, tenders and contracts that best suit the work that is required. Treework Environmental Practice are experienced in the production of tenders for tree surgery work and the supervision of the tender process.

Contract Management

We regularly supervise arboricultural works and have extensive experience in large scale contract management.

Quality Management of Arboricultural Works

Treework Environmental Practice are recognised experts in the management of good quality arboricultural work.  This expertise allows us to monitor and enforce high standards of tree surgery works undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Treework Environmental Practice also undertake Training in Arboricultural Best Practice, Environmental Evaluations and provide Assistance with the planning process.

Work to Protected Trees

Treework Environmental Practice provide advice and guidance to support owners and managers working with protected trees.

We are experienced in liaising with statutory bodies responsible for administering tree protection.

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