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tree research

Arboricultural Research

At Treework Environmental Practice we are constantly seeking to deepen our knowledge and understanding of our field of expertise and the disciplines and sectors with which we interact.

Our study has been varied; from developing systems for evaluating the value of veteran trees and ancient woodland habitat through exploration of the complex matrix of organisms in the soil and how these can be affected by the application of amendments such as compost tea and how this, in turn can support the resilience of trees.

We have been early adopters of new technologies and contributed to their development through collaboration with colleagues around the World, working with SAG Baumstatik in Germany to enhance the development of Static Load Testing for tree stability, developing of our MyTrees GIS with Tim Moya Associates (UK) and Safe Trees (CZ) and, engaging with Hansatech (UK) to apply Chlorophyll Fluorescence to tree assessment.

This spirit of inquisitiveness inspired Neville Fay (Treework co-director) to launch the Innovations in Arboriculture seminar series in 2004. Our acclaimed Innovations in Arboriculture seminar series has introduced international experts in subjects such as Tree Risk Management, Trees and Climate Adaptation and Trees and the Built Environment and contributed to collaborative developments such as the national Tree Safety Group and the Trees and Design Action Group.

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