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A list of publications is shown below and access to their contents may be obtained through the website or by communication with the publishers.

• Chantal Pradines, Expert to the Council of Europe Cabinet All(i)ée (2015)
Forgiving Roads Regulations Threatening Tree-lined Routes 2015
• Davis, C., Fay, N. and Mynors, C. (2000)
Veteran trees: A guide to risk and responsibility
• Fay, N. & de Berker, N. (1997)
Level 1 (Introductory survey form), English Nature
• Brudi, E., Fay, N., & Muir P. (2009)
Retrenchment Pruning
AFZ-DerWald (p425-427)

Neville Fay is also a regular contributor to conferences & seminars such as:

. Arboricultural Association Conferences
. Dutch Tree Foundation
. English Heritage training and seminars

. Heritage and Botanic Gardens Bursary Scheme Master Class

. Institute of Chartered Forestry Study Tour
. International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

. ISA Czech Republic


. Local Authority: Conservation arboriculture, veteran tree, tree safety training

. Myerscough University

. NACONEX 2001

. National Trust training
. Pershore College
. Treework Environmental Practice Innovations in Arboriculture conferences. University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education

. University of Bath Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes; Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

. West Deane College
. Wildlife Trusts: Conservation arboriculture, veteran tree, tree safety training


The issues covered relate to the importance of securing and understanding trees in the context of our natural and cultural heritage, enhancing viability and stability and applying IT and other systems to veteran tree management.

*The government agency reponsible for nature conservation, which since 2006 became Natural England

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