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Anne Frank Tree under immediate threat

We know from her diary that a mature Horse Chestnut tree gave great comfort to Anne Frank. The tree connected her to the seasonal cycle of nature while she was in hiding from the Nazis. Since her death the tree has become famous, and is now known as the ‘Anne Frank Tree’. Now the City Council of Amsterdam wants to fell the monumental tree on Wednesday 21st November 2007.

The tree is colonised by a fungus that is progressively hollowing the trunk and there are strong expert opinions that, despite this it may be possible to retain and stabilize the tree for a considerable time with appropriate treatment and support. The first arguments given for the tree’s removal were from the point of view of the cost of maintenance. Now it could be that the tree’s future is threatened by the abuse of the powers of this same city council, as in spite of solutions being provided for the tree the council insists on its removal. Solutions for both financial maintenance and structural stability of the tree have been prepared by a team of national and international experts working with the Dutch Tree Foundation.

Right now we want a world-wide protest of emails to be sent to the Mayor of Amsterdam and the city council and hope this will open their eyes and the doors for an open dialogue about the possibilities for the tree’s future.

Could you please copy the mail below and send this to Mayor Job Cohen and to the Alderman Marijke Vos.

Could you also circulate this to your friends and colleagues?

SUBJECT: The Anne Frank Chestnut should not be cut down.


I am writing to protest against the proposed felling of the Anne Frank tree.

I support the Dutch Tree Foundation and others who are attempting to obtain a proper investigation from other relevant national and international experts to explore the arboricultural and mechanical possibilities for retaining the tree as a symbol of hope and freedom for future generations.

Please do this immediately, as we could be on the threshold of a huge historical mistake, and feel confident that this can be averted.

The mail address of the mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen, is:

The mail address of the alderman Marijke Vos is:

The Anne Frank Chestnut should not be cut down.

Anne Frank wrote the following entries about the chestnut tree in her diary:

23 February 1944
The two of us looked out at the blue sky, the bare chestnut tree glistening with dew, the seagulls and other birds glinting with silver as they swooped through the air, and we were so moved and entranced that we couldn’t speak.

18 April 1944
April is glorious, not too hot and not too cold, with occasional light showers. Our chestnut tree is in leaf, and here and there you can already see a few small blossoms.

13 May 1944
Our chestnut tree is in full blossom. It is covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year.

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