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Barratt London – Edgware Green, Academy Court Tree Planting Health Check

Edgware Green is a phased regeneration scheme of over 12 Hectares in North London, creating new homes, community facilities, streets and squares. The site redevelopment is being undertaken in an eight – phase sequence to allow continued use of part of the site for residential and community uses.

Treework Environmental Practice, led by our Principal Arboricultural Planning Consultant and working alongside the Project Design and Construction teams has been supporting Barratt London on the Project since 2013.

As a part of the Tree Mitigation Strategy for the site, Treework Environmental Practice was commissioned to undertake an independent Tree Health Assessment of 98 young trees, planted in a communal residential area within the now occupied Academy Court phase.

We objectively examined the success or otherwise of the tree planting, specifically assessing each tree’s physiological condition (expressed as vitality) and the viability (expressed as the probability of decline/loss). Key to the service provided was providing options for managing the trees and supporting them to thrive and the option to re-inspect efficiently with all the data stored in our tree management database and GIS (MyTrees).

Our service to Barratt London has been defined by cooperation, a desire to understand their needs as an organisation and to support them to successfully navigate the planning process and gain value for money from their contractors. Responsiveness, efficiency and provision of clear expert advice have been some of the qualities that have enabled the success of this project and our continuing relationship to date.

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