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BIM for Arboriculture


We have been working within the principles of BIM for many years, in that we collect, work with and deliver tree information in digital formats that are editable (intelligent), shareable for collaborative working / exchange and spatially located and scaled within the UK coordinate system used by Ordnance Survey. To this end we have developed our own Tree Information Software (MyTrees) that enables us to collect the relevant tree data and connect this with the tree locations and spatial dimensions on site and transfer information in the office to other systems such as Revit.

We have modelled and delivered 3D information for trees that is used by those within a design team to detect and design around above and below ground clashes with trees.

We also have experience of collecting and using point cloud data to build accurate 3D models of trees.

3d Model Tree Image

These practices enable us to work and deliver to the standards of BIM levels 1 and 2.

We are working to develop a set of principles and practices as part of BIM for Arboriculture Working Group, which is under the umbrella of the Landscape Institute’s Digital Practice Working Group.


Three Dimensional Data

For 3D modelling we collect standard data in accordance with BS 5837:2012 of which the most significant for modelling are the dimensions:

  • Height
  • Crown spread to 4 cardinal / ordinal points (inc image from MyTrees)
  • Stem Diameter
  • Canopy height
  • Height of Lowest branch
  • Root Protection Area (generated and adjusted)

Additionally, we collect:

  • Easting and Northing (x/y) coordinates (collected automatically in MyTrees)
  • Ground level at base (taken from the topographical survey
  • Crown form
  • Deciduous / evergreen (added automatically from our MyTrees species list)
  • Transparency of crown when in leaf
  • Financial value (e.g. CAVAT)

The information that we model in 3D informs landscape, construction and engineering design and decisions as well as daylight / sunlight analysis and visualisation of the scheme.

Trees Group

Four Dimensional Data

We have over 30 years of experience of managing trees over time whether within urban populations, historic landscapes or regeneration schemes.

We have systems for modelling attrition, stem growth and changes in the CAVAT value of trees over time. We also produce costed Individual Tree Management Plans over 30+ years.

We are currently working with other leading Arboricultural Experts to develop industry standards for modelling changes in value and also for crown extension growth over time.

Four Dimensional Data First Image
Four Dimensional Data Second Image

Our BIM Offering

Many of the requirements of BIM reflect the way that we have always worked and we are embracing those aspects that require us develop and innovate.

Our team of Arboricultural Consultants and CAD Technicians work with our MyTrees Tree Information System, Revit, AutoCAD and QGIS to produce 2D plans, 3D and 4D Models and information and work collaboratively within Design Teams to interpret this information to support the delivery of high-quality landscape and building schemes.

If you would like to find out more about how 3D and 4D modelling of trees can add value to your project, or enhance the quality of a planning application, contact us today

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