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Visit to Moccas Park

Company team meeting: a visit to Moccas Park

The Treework team enjoyed a thought provoking tour of the wonderful Moccas Park and Hill Wood. To see such habitat diversity on such an important site and its stewardship balanced against the reclamation of the Humphrey Repton and Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown landscape features was fascinating.

We all came away with an appreciation of the beauty of the site and the great efforts that have gone into preserving the heritage of this area as well as ensuring the best possible future for its ancient trees, other plants, fungi and the species that depend upon them.

The event was not all about enjoying the area though, it was also about ensuring that our Company works in unity and continualSlime Mould at Moccas Parkly improves the services we offer, this time with a focus on our design, planning  and construction services which help our clients navigate through the planning system.

Pictured is an excellent sample of slime mould which we came across at Moccas Park.


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