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Connecting with the Future of Arboriculture at Myerscough College!

Treework prize winners with their tutors. Left to right is as follows: Josh Lonsdale – College Careers Advisor; Susanna Brandon- Greenspace Curriculum Area Manager; Oliver Hodgkinson – Student – Forestry and Arboriculture; Ben Rowbottom – Student – Forestry and Arboriculture; Tomasz Janovsky – Student – FdSc Arboriculture and Tree Management; Nicola Swarbrick – Greenspace Curriculum Area Manager.

Here at Treeworks, we’re always looking for ways to connect with the next generation of arboricultural professionals. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend a careers day at Myerscough College, and while the journey there was a bit long (7 hours!), the overall experience was positive and yielded some valuable interactions.

We arrived early and the first night kicked off with a great networking dinner with other allied professionals in our field. Sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues is always a rewarding part of industry events.

The careers day itself began brightly. Our stall, co-hosted with the Arboricultural Association, was a big hit. Our eye-catching display, featuring a 3D model of The Major Oak on a large flat screen TV (you can see the model here, alongside our drone, sparked conversations with many visiting students.

The morning session focused on presentations in the main lecture theatre. While the timing meant we didn’t initially connect with a large number of arboriculture students, we had some productive conversations with up-and-coming landscape architects and horticultural biologists interested in trees and Biodiversity Net Gain.

In the afternoon, Luke presented a workshop in a lecture room. While unfortunately, the timing overlapped with the Arb Talk, it did open the door for some great one-on-one conversations with students interested in our field.

The afternoon saw a great turnout from arboriculture and forestry students at our stall. Their enthusiasm was clear, with some students very focused on entering the arboricultural contracting sector, while others were looking to pursue higher-level qualifications or simply unaware of graduate arboricultural consultancy as a career option. Many asked insightful questions about photogrammetry and the use of drones, and several signed up for our Treework library – a great way for them to stay connected and learn more about the field.

While the turnout from remote-learning degree students seemed lower, it was inspiring for us to meet the dedicated student who travelled all the way to attend Andy’s presentation, prompting a more informal, one-on-one style discussion about UAVs and Photogrammetry. This gave us the opportunity, together with the Arboricultural Association, to recognise the most engaged and enthusiastic students by providing some prizes!

Overall, the Myerscough College careers day was a valuable opportunity to connect with future generations of arborists. Recruiting in our sector has its challenges, but by attending events like these and showcasing the diverse career paths available within arboriculture, we can help bridge the skills gap and ensure a thriving future for our profession. We look forward to exploring ways to connect with remote-learning students as well, perhaps through future video presentations.

This experience reinforced our commitment to supporting the next generation of arboricultural professionals. We’re excited to see the positive impact these students will have on our field!

If you’re interested in getting started with, or progressing your career in arboriculture, visit our careers page here.

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