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Developing a partnership model for tree health and resilience

On Monday 5th September 2016, Neville Fay (Director and Principal Arboricultural Consultant, Treework Environmental Practice) will be co-presenting with Professor Lucio Montecchio (De Rebus Plantarum Laboratory, University of Padova) on developing a partnership model for tree health and resilience: the example of canker stain of plane at the Arboricultural Association’s 50th National Amenity Conference.

0xs4EdoETxAL98nsH5sy_5B7qXENlYiqq6MxJqeuS2iX3tDk_SKMxFCTjwfLLmf9H2CSRgw1...(2)This is a continuing partnership between Treework Environmental Practice and the University of Padova in the gathering of information and work towards better biosecurity and prevention of the international spread of tree pathogens such as canker stain of plane throughout Europe and the World (please see our previous blog of 15th July 2016 entitled Study workshop partnership Canker Stain of Plane

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