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Dunstable Town Council

Dunstable Town Council (DTC) contracted Treework Environmental Practice through a competitive tender to carry out a Tree Risk Survey in 2013.

Treework carried out a Tree Risk Survey of 11 sites under DTC’s management, including playing fields, parks and cemeteries and provided:

 Budgeted work specifications for tree management
 Tree and work schedules
 Tree maps of each site
 Analysis of the condition and cost of managing the tree stock

Quality Management was carried out throughout the survey and the client was kept informed of progress.

Treework continues to support DTC to meet their duty of care for public safety in relation to trees by carrying out reinspections of selected trees on an annual basis.

Treework have installed our tree management GIS (MyTrees) with the survey data on DTYC’s server and so that it can be accessed by the grounds management team and used to manage their trees.

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