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The Dutch Tree Conference (Boominfodag) 2016

Neville Fay presented two papers at The Dutch Tree Conference (Boominfodag) 2016 on 9th and 10th June 2016 at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands, excellently organised by Jan-Willem de Groot.

Neville’s presentations were on the topics of “The concept of the linear forest and its potential” 9 June 2016 and “Veteran trees and conservation arboriculture an overview” 10 June 2016.

A key outcome of the Roads for Nature initiative is the production of a European publication, shortly to be released, jointly authored by Neville Fay, Nigel de Berker, Dirk Dujesiefken and Jan-Willem de Groot. The current interest in ancient and other veteran trees has much to contribute to the management of trees in all age classes. However, in some environments there is limited experience of such trees, which suggests that knowledge transfer will benefit the ability to develop management models for different contexts. With this in mind, the new publication considers tree care through a lifespan perspective, influenced by understanding of the ancient tree.

Watch our blog page for updates on the progress of the publication.

Where arboriculture is still developing in parts of Europe, there is great benefit in the transfer of knowledge between countries with a long established history of professional tree care, and those with fresh perspectives that are able to contribute innovative approaches.

Neville thought that the Boominfodag conference, in many ways, complements our own Treework Environmental Practice Innovations and Arboriculture seminar series. These together with the German Baumpflegetage (the largest European arboricultural conference) are highly valuable as they help create environments for the cross-fertilisation of knowledge between nations and languages for the benefit of the profession and for the trees that we work for.

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