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Treework received some excellent training with Hansatech

Paul Davis and Hollie Matthews of Hansatech Instruments deliveredย Arborcheck equipment training on the Nursery Benchmark System for physiological assessments of tree health to Treework Environmental Practice consultants at Holly Lodge Centre, Richmond Park.

Richmond Park

The Arborcheck System enables us to measure levels of physiological stress and vigour in trees by measuring Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Chlorophyll Content within leaves and includes an exhaustive Nursery Benchmark Database of optimum values for over 400 tree species.

Arborcheck equipment training

This innovative technology forms a key part of our Young Tree Services which include Planting Plans, Nursery Tree Selection, Planting Audits and New Planting Monitoring to support our clients to achieve the success and value for money from planting schemes.

Luke Fay, MD of Treework said:

โ€˜I am looking forward to using this technology as part of the inspections that we carry out to ensure that new tree plantings are of a good quality that will thrive and grow to maturity. The training that Paul provided was excellent; over the years Hansatech have been very supportive of our research projects, like the study that we are carrying out into the benefits of soil amendments for helping oak trees to recover from Acute Oak Decline, and the technology that they have developed for measuring symptoms of physiological stress in trees is an invaluable addition to our tool kit.โ€™

Arborcheck equipment leaf sampling

The excellent training presentation that Paul and Hollie provided prompted intelligent discussion and we tested the equipment on young trees and, as you would expect from Treework Environmental Practice in Richmond Park we also tested a very old veterans.

Paul Davis of Hansatech said this about the training day:

โ€˜We were excited to have the opportunity to meet up with Nev, Luke and their colleagues. Weโ€™ve worked with Treeworkย on a couple of other projects in the past and have been impressed at how forward thinking the company is. The training day itself yielded some fascinating insights into how Treework plan to use the system in many areas from monitoring of newly planted stock to developing novel working practices in detection and management of pests and diseases. We look forward to working closely with Treework in furthering our own knowledge of just how versatile the Arborcheck system can be!โ€™

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