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Hatfield Forest Veteran Tree Survey and Management Plan

Treework Environmental Practice was commissioned to re-survey veteran / ancient trees, previously surveyed by Treework in 2001 in order to support the National Trust team to manage the trees for longevity within the context of the medieval parkland with high nature conservation status and public access.

The survey included recording and updating information required by Natural England’s Specialist Survey Method (Level 2), Tree Viability Assessment and provision of Individual Tree Management Plans (ITMP).

Additionally young and semi-mature trees were plotted and assessed for their potential to provide veteran pollard succession.

The survey delivered a report including analysis of current veteran tree population condition and threats as well as comparison with the viability information collected by the 2001 survey which showed an improvement in veteran tree viability since the implementation of the ITMPs provided by the 2001 survey. Further recommendations were provided for future management to support the sustainability of the veteran tree population

The report also included:

ο€­ Tree Map
ο€­ Prioritised Work Schedule
ο€­ Individual Veteran Tree Reports with Veteran Tree Management Plans

The survey information was updated on MyTrees and MyTrees was installed on the Countryside Manager’s computer so that he is able to use it as a tool to manage his veteran tree population.

Our service to the the Hatfield Forest Team has been defined by cooperation, a desire to understand their needs as an organisation and to support them to meet their objectives. Responsiveness, clear communication, a deep understanding of veteran trees and provision of clear expert information have been some of the qualities that have enabled this project to be successful.


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