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Jon Price Principal Arboricultural Consultant

Jon Price

Principal Arboricultural Consultant

Jon has a first degree in environmental science and the Arboricultural Association’s Technical Certificate in Arboriculture.  He has been working in arboriculture and the environmental disciplines for over 24 years.  He is currently running planning and development projects on all scales, carrying out risk management surveys and specialises in steering utilities on best practice and site implementation in relation to trees on large infrastructure projects in the rail and water sector.

His route into arboriculture was initiated at an early age through visiting and working on the family farm in Carmarthenshire near Llandeilo West Wales and in the South Wales mining valleys.  Jon grew up around large scale post-industrial regeneration of heavy industrial sites in Swansea and the role of trees and habitats in re-greening and repairing landscape was a very early interest which has steered his career subsequently.  Post-graduation, craft arboriculture provided a route into remuneration for working outdoors and a move into surveying and consultancy has continued this arc.  He is very interested in emerging technologies, such as using GIS, remote sensing and BIM in modelling and designing landscapes, and also in communicating across disciplines to define and achieve mutual benefits over what may appear difficult terrain.

Jon first joined Treework in 2007 for a 4 year period then re-joined in 2021.

Outside work, Jon enjoys playing guitar in a very loud band, walking a spaniel and creating wildlife ponds.  He dislikes the clocks changing twice a year.

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