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Boundary Digitisation

Understanding the extent of your property ownership or the area that you have responsibility for is fundamental to establishing an effective and robust system for Tree Population Management and also essential for managing and budgeting for the assets contained within the demise.

We have over 30 years’ experience of helping land owners and managers to build and maintain an accurate record of their estate. Β We understand the importance of reliable and information on which to base decision making and support organisations such as housing associations, property management firms and busy council teams to obtain and review existing site boundary details and then digitise these in to a format compatible with their mapping systems.

We are licensed Ordnance Survey Partners and provide ordnance survey base maps on which the boundaries are plotted.

We are often asked to resolve problems experienced by landowners and managers who have previously been provided with boundary information that is not fit for purpose

Our commitment to providing a boundary mapping service that is accurate and supports our clients for decades means that we are diligent from collecting client held information, to transposing the information to digital formats, ground truthing through site inspections and delivery of the information in formats that the client will be able to depend on in the long term.

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