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Meet the team – Alex Needs, 6 months on

Alex Needs Min

Hi Alex. We know that you are very busy so thank you for taking the time to talk to us about how you have found your first 6 months at Treework!

What have you learned in your first 6 months at Treework?

Obviously working with Nev has been fantastic. His knowledge of ancient and veteran tree management and beyond is second to none. But the rest of the team have such a wealth of knowledge it is immensely useful. Whether it be tree statics, expert witness, or inventory management, I feel that I have a living encyclopedia available to me.

Is there anything different you have had to do compared previous roles and if so, how have you adapted?

Yes, at Treework we take a more holistic approach to managing a client’s tree risk. We garner a long-term relationship with the client by working closely to ensure tree surveys and tree works are undertaken in a way that suits them, as opposed to taking a more dictatorial approach. Likewise, the level of detail we collect on site using the MyTrees software is greater than I have been used to.Β  This reaps benefits for the client in the longer term as we can analyse exposure to risk and budgetary expenditure to ensure the most efficient use of client resources.

What have you enjoyed the most? What have you found challenging? How do you overcome it?

Although we work remotely (and even more so since Covid-19), I have enjoyed working with the team. We meet online regularly, and the use of the technology means we can share ideas and problems very efficiently. I have not missed the office whatsoever. Learning new systems however is always challenging, and the fact that we do work remotely means everyone needs to follow the same strict conventions on filing, name conventions etc. I rely heavily on notes to remind me what goes where and how to name it! In fact, I use the Microsoft Notes app which I can access on all my devices, so I am never far from an aide-memoir. The app can also record voice notes, photos, and even handwritten scribbles for projects so I can get up to speed quickly when required.

What are you most looking forward to, or hope to achieve in 2021?

I hope that during the next year I become more familiar with the day-to-day tasks so that I can focus more energy on the bigger and more challenging work. There is such a breadth to the Treework portfolio that I honestly do not know what sort of project I may be managing next, but I’m particularly looking forward to delivering 3D and even 4D tree modelling for clients as this is a real step forward for the industry, and crucially important for us humans and the wider environment.

For more information on 3D+4D modelling at Treework see link below

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