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Meet the team – Andy Luddington

Andy Luddington

What have you learned in your first 6 months at Treework?

The first six months have been a whirlwind of learning and development for me. Since joining Treework Environmental Practice I was enrolled on a comprehensive induction program which increased my understanding of the various systems in place, such as our specialist tree management database system MyTrees™, and operational processes within the company. This period was valuable and provided me with an excellent foundation to grow and develop within the company and arboricultural industry. It has also given me a great opportunity to get to know the team.

Treework Environmental Practice is an excellent employer and is committed to investing in people. Since joining I have attended the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA), Veteran Tree Certificate (VETcert) and Professional Tree Inspection (PTI) refresher courses, amongst others, to further my professional development. I also have several other areas of training and development scheduled in for the year ahead.

Working remotely in the south of the country has meant that I have had to get to grips with travelling more by train and other forms of public transport to reach destinations further afield. Treework is keen to use sustainable forms of transport wherever practicable and is open to reducing its environmental footprint wherever possible.

Is there anything different you have had to do compared to previous roles and if so, how have you adapted?

There is not a great deal different to be honest, but I am finding myself travelling and working further afield and stay away from home a little more often. I have a young family so coordinating work and planning with the family calendar has been vital!

I now work in a much larger team than before. Previously, I used to prepare my own quotes and plans for each project I delivered on. This is very different to how we are setup at Treework Environmental Practice. Here we have professional departments that specialise in each of these areas. Letting other members of the team prepare aspects of work that I am leading on and delivering has taken me a little time to adjust to. The team have been amazing, supportive, and easy to communicate with, so this process has been relatively straightforward.

What have you enjoyed the most? What have you found challenging? How do you overcome it?

Things I have enjoyed the most include working with the team who are incredibly experienced and highly professional. It has been refreshing working with the team that has an openness to collaborate, share and support each other. I feel supported and valued and I enjoy meeting the team during our bi-monthly in person meetings where we get to catch up and discuss business operations and find new and innovative ways to improve and develop.

I have enjoyed working with existing and new clients, their appointed project design teams and working collaboratively on interesting, prestigious, and large-scale infrastructure projects across the country. I have also valued the positive experience of working with existing members of the team to further develop new and existing areas of the business.

Things I have found challenging include meeting up using Microsoft Teams – I do not like seeing myself on the screen! I often turn self-view off for me as I find this less distracting.

Sometimes I have projects and meetings that clash. Managing the delivery of multiple projects can be challenging, however, the support from the wider team has been excellent and together we are able to deliver a high and professional level of service to our clients on all our projects.

What are you most looking forward to, or hope to achieve in 2022?

This year is Treework Environmental Practice’s 40th anniversary. Forty years since its conception! I feel honoured to be part of the company and team during this special time. I have been part of a working group that is planning how we can celebrate this occasion with the team and clients and by giving back through the planting of trees across the UK and beyond. There are many excellent ideas and initiatives that have started up because of this occasion, and I am looking forward to seeing them develop over the coming years.

I am looking forwarding to continuing to develop close and professional relationships with the team and existing and new clients.

I like working with people and wherever possible, aim to support and grow the team so that they can achieve their best and provide the highest possible level of professional service within our industry. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the us all at Treework.

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