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Meet the team – Magda Mach, Senior CAD/GIS Technician

Magda MachHi Magda. Thank you for taking some time out for a quick “get to know the team” interview.

How long have you been working for Treework Environmental Practice?

I joined in January 2016 after spending 4 years working in the GIS and CAD industry in Poland. It has been an exciting journey to get to this point. I joined as a Junior CAD/GIS Technician and two years ago was promoted to Senior CAD/GIS Technician. Initially, I lived in Wales and travelled to our office in Bristol.  However, the remote supportive culture of the company has enabled me to move and since then I have relocated to Reading, where I work remotely, but still meet with my colleagues from time to time for team social events and offsite meetings.

What does your role entail? 

Each day I work on maps and spatial data using GIS and CAD software such as QGIS, AutoCAD and the company’s own MyTrees tree GIS with an integrated database. My role includes preparing maps, schedules, and project databases for tree surveys and supporting the consultant team to deliver high-quality reports and information to a variety of different clients.  Data management, quality checking and analysis are also part of my work. I love working in the GIS and CAD fields, where almost everything is related to the maps!

Some days are set aside for developing our current systems and software.  I help lead the development of our in-house GIS software called MyTrees. This involves testing new versions and proposing new features. Currently, I am leading the development of our 3D modelling of trees service, using software such as Revit.

What do you enjoy most about the role and work at Treework Environmental Practice?

Each project is different and brings new challenges. I enjoy logical problem solving and there are plenty of opportunities to apply this when working with geometry! Innovating and coming up with new ways to tackle challenges is very satisfying. At Treework we are always really busy and I enjoy the opportunities that it brings, to develop new approaches related to GIS/CAD, cartography and the creation of complex maps.

You can find out more about the services that Magda helps to deliver here:

Keep an eye out for part II where we take a look into what a working day in the life of a Senior CAD/GIS technician looks like.

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