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Neville Fay, Award for Continued Services to Arboriculture

This September Neville Fay was honoured with the prestigious Arboriculture Association’s 2009 Annual Award for Continued Services to Arboriculture.

The award was given in recognition of Neville’s efforts to raise the level of knowledge in arboriculture, specifically through the Treework Environmental Practice seminar and conference series. Through a philosophy of holistic arboriculture he has endeavoured to bring this perspective to tree safety and veteran tree management, recently focusing on the climate change debate to bring practical solutions through raising the national importance of trees and climate control.

In his acceptance speech at the conference dinner, Neville said that he shared the award with many friends and colleagues in arboriculture, who have inspired and supported him in his continued endeavours towards broadening practice to encompass holistic approaches to the soil, climate change, realistic attitudes towards tree risk management and long-term veteran tree care.

Neville said, “This award is as much an honour for me personally as it is for all my dedicated and inspiring friends and colleagues at Treework Environmental Practice and in the Ancient Tree Forum”.

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