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Neville Fay – presenting on Conservation Arboriculture at SAG Baumstatik

Conservation Arboriculture at SAG Baumstatik on 19th and 20th October 2015

Nev is delivering the experience and ideas on Conservation Arboriculture and sharing this with European colleagues. His lectures at the German Tree Care Conference in May were well received and stimulated considerable debate. Following this he will be providing two days of seminars, one for professionals and colleagues at the European Tree Statics (SAG Baumstatik) group. The second seminar, hosted by our associate colleagues Tree Consult, will present on the principles and practices that have been leant from observing ancient and veteran trees in the European landscape at Gauting in October.
In writing about this topic Neville says:

“There are tens of thousands of ancient and veteran trees in the landscape. Despite their great number, studies have shown ancient tree populations are mostly in decline*. Changes in landscape and tree management practices since the 19th century have created a pattern of problems, which we now have to resolve when trying to conserve old trees in the 21st century.
These workshops discuss some of the practical arboricultural techniques that have been developed to conserve and manage ancient and veteran trees and have been learnt from ‘vernacular arboriculture’, developed and innovated as ‘conservation arboriculture’ and are now influencing standards in ‘conventional’ arboricultural practice”.

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