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My trees GIS - tree management database

MyTrees – Tree Management Database

Tree Management Database

We brought together a team of Arboricultural Consultants and IT Developers from the UKTim Moya Associates, and Czech Republic, Safe Trees, to develop a database and Geographical Information System (GIS). This enables efficient and accurate tree survey information capture, production of high quality reporting and management of tree populations.  MyTrees database is available free with tree survey results

Our ownership of MyTrees enables us to maintain high data quality, deliver reports and plans rapidly and to provide our clients with MyTrees without the need to charge license fee, whether on a single computer, on their corporate network or through access to a remote server.

The system includes a range of features including:

  • MyTrees – Tree Management Database
  • MyTrees Works Management supports the management of Works Orders throughout the process from selecting the works, through tendering for competitive prices, appointing a contractor, adjusting work schedules, on site checking of works, reissuing and signing off of works as well as a Database of Approved Contractors.
  • MyTrees produces high quality tailor-made reports and plans with photos and files attached to individual tree records.
  • MyTrees GIS has Analysis and Legend tools.
  • MyTrees Enquiries handles enquiries from the public regarding trees managed by the client.
  • MyTrees Interactive enables online client access to their tree information
  • MyTrees can receive imports of existing tree data and can be exported for analysis, review and presentation to MS Office (*.xls), *.jpg and *.pdf.

MyTrees database manages trees for:

  • Health & Safety
  • Veteran Tree Habitat Continuity
  • Planning and Development
  • Budgeting for tree works
  • Future planning and age distribution
  • General recording purposes (population recording and analysis)
  • User-defined purposes (determined by the user)
  • Future planning and age distribution

MyTrees tree management database is available free with tree surveys carried out by Treework Environmental Practice and Tim Moya Associates.

Our highly experienced tree surveyors undertake surveys ranging from individual tree inspections to inventories of large populations of trees.

Survey services include:

  • Tree Risk Surveys
  • Internal decay detection and trunk decay mapping
  • Planning and Development
  • Static load test and tree structural assessment (tree pulling test) for tree stability
  • Future planning and age distribution
  • Planning and Development Surveys and Assistance
  • User-defined purposes (determined by the user)
  • Soil Analysis
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