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Tree Stability Assessment

Tree Technology

The development and use innovative and current technology has been a key part of our success and our ability to provide responsive services and excellent results to our clients.

Where we see great innovation, such as Static Load Testing for tree stability, we are early adopters and where we see a need that is not being met we develop, MyTrees is a good example of this.

By investing in our own innovation and technology and by collaborating with industry colleagues and experts from other disciplines, we have succeeded in improving quality, expertise, working practices and delivery of our services.

Remote Working Infrastructure

Our team of expert surveyors and consultants work from home around the UK, so we are close to our clients. We are supported by an infrastructure of online and remotely accessible project management and health and safety systems and our Treework-Anywhere Kit including internet enabled tablet computer, smart phone and GPS means that we can carry out surveys and set up office wherever we are.

MyTrees Tree Management Software

MyTrees is a major component of our Treework-Anywhere and our offering to clients. We have designed this tree management software with GIS to enable fast and accurate tree inspection, high quality report and plan production and long term budgeting for and management of trees.

We have developed Mytrees in collaboration with Tim Moya Associates in the UK and Safetrees in the Czech Republic. And we provide it to clients on their computers, servers or via a login to our hosted server.

Application of Technology to Support Design and Construction

We employ a wide range of highly technical expertise and technology to support the success of design, planning applications and construction. These technologies including BIM compliant 3D modelling (Link to:, Ground Penetrating Radar assessment of tree root locations, Soil Testing, Static Load Testing of trees with impaired roots and modelling of the replacement of the monetary value of trees over time.

Static Load Testing for Tree Stability

The Static Load Test assesses tree stability by applying a known load, to simulate wind load, to the tree and measuring deflection in the stem and incline at the base. From this information we calculate the safety factors of the stem and roots of the tree during a storm. The computer program that analyses this data has been developed from decades of research into the structural properties of wood of different tree species and tests on thousands of trees. We have invested in research to support the development of this technology and our Senior Consultant, Paul Muir, is the UK’s leading expert in the field of Tree Statics and Wind Load Analysis.

Ordnance Survey Licensed Partners

We were early adopters of GIS and GPS and have been an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner since 2012. This enables us to provide Ordnance Survey digital mapping for use with GIS and CAD.

Check Trees

We are working in partnership with Safetrees (CZ) and Tim Moya Associates (UK) to deliver Check Trees ( to our UK clients. This is an innovative project to develop open access tree survey information overlaid on online mapping such as Google Earth. We embed the portal into a client website to enable their stakeholders to view their trees.

Chlorophyll Fluorimeter for Assessing Tree Health

We measure the Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Chlorophyll Content within leaves, using the Arborcheck System, to report on the vitality and viability of trees. This innovative technology, which includes an exhaustive nursery benchmark database of optimum values for over 400 tree species, forms a key part of our Young Tree Services which include Planting Plans, Nursery Tree Selection, Planting Audits and New Planting Monitoring to support our clients to achieve the success and value for money from planting schemes.

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