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Previous Treeworks Environmental Practice Seminar Reviews

We’re slowly gathering together together information on previous Treework Environmental Practice Seminars which will be published over the coming month. Here are three that are already online.

Seminar 2 Review:
Tree Micro-Ecology: Perceptions of Disease & Decay in Trees:
Interpreting the Significance of Factors Affecting Tree Structure & Health

This Seminar took place in London and N.Yorkshire in 2005

Seminar 7 Review
Tree Morphology – a continuing story….
June 2007 – Bristol
This seminar, presented by Treework Environmental Practice in association with the Arboricultural Association, continued on the good work of an initial two-day Morphology seminar held in March 2006.

Seminar 8 Review
The Future of Tree Risk Management (Part II)
July 2007 – Bristol
Working Towards an Industry Led Framework for Tree Risk Assessment and Management
This was the second seminar in The Future of Tree Risk theme. It built on the success of the Treeworks Environmental Practice 2006 seminar that explored arboricultural policy, case law and risk management perspectives as a step towards raising the level of professional confidence in tree risk management.

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