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Projects don’t take a holiday in August, so neither does our service


So here we are in August. The school holidays are in full swing and at last we have a summer that means we don’t have to leave the UK to enjoy the sun – even though our trees, plants and lawns would certainly benefit from some sustained rain.

If you haven’t already been on a well-earned break, the chances are that many of us are looking forward to getting away before the trees start to bronze and we plough headlong into autumn.

One thing is for certain, though: our projects won’t stop at the moment the Arboricultural Consultant’s toes sink into the hot sand of a distant beach. Businesses continue to run, projects continue to roll and people and specialist knowledge are needed throughout what the papers call the ‘silly season’ to grease the wheels of industry.

We have all had that experience; it’s late July and the design project is progressing steadily; planning submission date is an achievable distant early-September point on the Gantt Chart. Then, on the first of August one of the engineers sends through a necessary realignment of the road. This could affect services in and out of the site, Landscape will need to be re-jigged and excavation works are moving very close to that TPO’d Tree. No problem you’ll send out the revised design and get comments and updates back from the Design Team. You email the Landscape Architects, MEP engineers, the Arboricultural Consultants and…Out of Office Messages role in like tumbleweed…you’re all alone!

Well we aim to be there with you even when everyone else has run to the hills or the sea.

As a client of Treework, you can be sure that whatever our involvement in your project, we have a team that is committed to maintaining the exceptional standards of professional service you expect of us. Our scale, expertise and ability to provide consistent cover are some of the qualities that the people we work with value us for.

Our team of consultants is large enough to ensure that when the consultant assigned to your project needs to be away – either for a well-earned holiday or for business – there’s someone with the same level of expertise and commitment to continue their support for your project in their absence.

That means no delays to your processes, no hiatus in the service we provide and no stress when something crops up that needs the immediate attention of someone with the specialist knowledge necessary to deal with it.

Being able to provide uninterrupted service is important to us not just in a commercial sense, but professionally, too. Just as we like to know our clients are getting the best possible service every day, we like to know that we’re only one call away from being able to make a difference, solve problems and help to keep the programme on track.

Luke Fay, managing director of Treework, said: “Like everyone, all our consultants need to take a break and August is a strange time of year where peoples holidays are concentrated. We’re acutely aware that our clients are often engaged in projects that require consistent support, so our whole team works hard to coordinate with one another and to provide cover that is of the same high professional standard that our clients are used to receiving from us.

“Where we need to provide cover, the consultant will work with a colleague to provide a detailed handover and, as you’d expect, whoever is allocated to the project will have the same degree of specialist skill and expertise.”

It’s a commitment our clients value, too.

We’ve been working with Charles Stewart Coull (Coull Architecture), who says: “One of the things I really value about Treework is that I always get a consistent service when I need it. They always provide an expert to lead their work on my projects, but also ensure someone of equal expertise is available to cover should that lead consultant not be available.”

Is your project getting held up by the holiday hiatus or do you just need a more responsive arboricultural service? Get in touch today

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