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Real Support for Anne Frank Tree

To keep you updated on events regarding the Anne Frank tree we are happy to report that the support construction for the horse chestnut in Amsterdam is near completion.

The tree was due to be cut down on 21 November 2007 but was granted a two-month reprieve with just one day to spare after weeks of judicial wrangling and international mass-media attention.
It is estimated the tree,suffering from an aggressive fungus known as β€˜Artist’s Conk’ can survive for a further 5 –15 years with the necessary support.

The support construction will cost 50,000 euros with funds already donated by private individuals and local businesses. Firms carrying out the actual work are either doing so free of charge or at reduced rates. However, the Support Anne Frank Tree foundation has still to raise another 20,000 euros for further work on the crown, and an amount of some 10,000 euros will be needed each year for the tree’s continued maintenance.

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