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Rochester Arborist Workshop

Rochester Arborist Workshop

Promoting good arboriculture that puts responsible and sustainable tree management at its heart is relevant on a global scale, not just here in the UK.

The expertise we have at Treework Environmental Practice means we’re often asked to deliver workshops and keynote speeches at international events which focus on best practice in arboriculture.

This week director and Principal Arboricultural Consultant Neville Fay travelled to the United States to speak at the highly respected Rochester Arborist Workshop event in Minnesota.

Neville is one of the world’s leading experts in veteran trees and was asked to speak to delegates at the event about the techniques he has pioneered to manage and maintain ancient trees in the context of the increasing pressures that impact their environment.

The event is supported by the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture, which was founded 40 years ago and has built a reputation for using education among lay people and professionals alike to advance the practice, science and technology of tree care.

At Treework Environmental Practice we share many of the same objectives and principles as MSA and other similar organisations across the world.

The expertise we’ve developed over the years means we often get to work in partnership with our international peers to foster a better global understanding of how sustainable tree management can be a key contributor to safeguarding the environment.

We’ve made it our business to be pioneers and early-adopters when it comes to using technology to help evolve better practice in arboriculture, but it’s at events like Rochester Arborist Workshop where much of the groundwork is done by Neville and the other experts who make up the team.

Neville’s influence in the industry is particularly well-documented. He’s an expert witness for tree-related environmental and personal injury cases, lectures internationally and writes on Conservation Arboriculture, ancient trees, tree management, public safety and policy.

He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society and of the Royal Geographical Society and founded the charity Tree Aid, which continues to help communities in the drylands of Africa to see the potential for trees to create a more stable environment. Many of Neville’s publications can be downloaded from here.

Having the opportunity to share his knowledge, experience and expertise at events like the one in Rochester this week is as much an essential part of our ongoing commitment to what we do as the practical help, advice and guidance that makes up a large part of our work.

You can find out more about the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture and the Rochester Arborist Workshop by visiting the MSA website. Read more about Neville and his career here.

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