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Seminars Abroad

Treework Environmental Practice have teamed up with Phillip van Wassenaer of Urban Forest Innovations of Canada to present a series of one-day seminars in the US covering the principles of veteran tree management, tree ecology and non-defensive arboriculture, including the role and relevance of device-based tree assessment in modern arboriculture as applied through reasonable risk decision-analysis.

Under the banner of ‘Conservation Arboriculture: Care of Veteran Trees’ these events will take place in North Carolina, Philadelphia and California in June.

A fourth seminar presented by Neville Fay, Principal Consultant, Treework Environmental Practice, will take place in Tacoma, Seattle.

This will be titled “Non-Defensive Conservation Arboriculture” – A European Perspective on Tree Management is in association with the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture & Metro Parks and will take place on June 24th 2008.

Click here for more details on the Seattle Seminar.

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