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Seminars in 2008

We will be announcing three new seminars for 2008 very shortly. Look out for full details in Seminars

A stakeholders’ conference in place of SEMINAR X

TREE MANAGEMENT FOR PUBLIC SAFETY – Towards an Industry Statement

Following the success of the three Treework Environmental Practice seminars on Tree Risk Management, our scheduled Seminar 10 (The Future of Tree Risk Management Part 4) will be replaced by a conference to develop the work of the earlier seminars in taking forward the initiative to launch a National Tree Safety Forum.

Trees: the key to climate proofing our cities (Part 1)

Temperatures in UK cities are predicted to rise by 4–7°C in the next 30 years. Research indicates that a 10% increase in urban tree cover would completely neutralise this impact. However, trees are being lost at an alarming rate and urban deforestation is offering a hot future for city life.
Seminar XII

Trees, Roots, Fungi, Soil – Below-ground ecosystem & implications for tree health.

In association with Cardiff University School of Biosciences

TEP are pleased to bring together UK and international speakers with knowledge of interactions between saprotrophs, tree-root pathogens and mycorrhizal fungi to improve our understanding of below-ground interactions between fungi and trees, and the conditions for health and pathogenicity to support practitioners in their endeavours to beneficially influence tree health.

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