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Soil and Trees Online Webinar

Soil And Trees Online Webinar

Recently, one of our Principal Arboricultural Consultants, Claire Harbinson featured in a online webinar. The webinar was hugely successful and had over 700 attendees from 53 countries. They discuss important soil characteristics, common soil-related issues affecting trees, some simple methods to analyse soil in the field, and some management techniques that can be implemented for either existing trees in the landscape or new tree plantings.

Soil And Trees Online Webinar Treeworks“It was fantastic to be talking to so many people from around the globe who are interested in soil and how it interacts with trees. We had some great questions, and despite initial trepidation about presenting from my office, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The Arboricultural Association has created a great forum for UK arboriculturists to interact with our peers further afield through these webinars, and I really hope they continue once life goes back to normal.”

-Claire Harbinson – Treework Principal Arboricultural Consultant

The video will shortly be uploaded to the Arboricultural Associations Youtube Channel at the following link:

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