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The Congress of Tree Diagnostics, Poland

Our Principal Consultants Paul Muir and Claire Harbinson took their expertise to Poland in October to present at the 5th Tree Assessment Congress (Kongres Diagnostyki Drzew) in Bialowieza National Park in Poland.

Paul gave a presentation on the new pulling test (static load test) standard developed by the Tree Statics Experts Association (SAG Baumstatik) to regularise the application of the static load test across users globally.

Claire presented on soil testing for tree health diagnosis and gave two practical workshops on soil assessment in the field.

We were delighted to be invited to participate in this event, and to share our knowledge with our European counterparts, as well as learning ourselves from the other speakers from Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Poland on the topics of verifying the uprooting behaviour of trees using destructive pulling tests, mechanical support systems for trees and the crown architecture of veteran trees.

The congress was held in Bialowieza Forest, which is the largest remaining part of the primaeval forest that once covered much of mainland Europe and is today a seat of learning about forest conservation and ecology. It was a privilege for Paul and Claire to spend some time in such a special place.

Treework has always positioned itself at vanguard of learning and ideas about trees, and our staff are always glad to be invited to share what they are discovering with the arboricultural community in the UK and abroad.

You can find out more about the event and organisations involved by clicking on the following links:

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