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Park in London

The Value of Trees to You and Me

Tree Park in LondonLuke Fay,  Managing Director and Senior Arboricultural Consultant for Treework Environmental Practice, will be presenting a talk on “The Value of Trees to You and Me” on Sunday morning 3rd July 2016 between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm. It will be the keynote talk at an event hosted by Brockley Society at Mural Hall of the Hilly Fields building of Prendergast School, Adelaide Avenue, Brockley, London, SE4 1LE.

The Brockley Society is a community association based in the Brockley Conservation area. The Society was founded in 1974 and is run entirely by volunteers. The Society’s objectives are to conserve the area’s unique character, promote local community activity and to work with other groups to improve amenities in the area.

Luke’s talk will be about how we value trees personally, like the first tree you climbed as a child, as well as the functions that trees can be valued for such as amenity, habitat, eco system services.

Anyone is welcome to come and listen to Luke and join in the lively dialogue that will ensue.


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