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Top 10 most downloaded documents from the Treework library

Treework Library In 2018

Since we launched the Treework Library in 2018, we have taken a look at the top 10 most downloaded documents by our subscribers and made them easily accessible for you below.

1. Getting Started with Tree Management

2. Crown Reductions: An inevitable response to uncertainty. Paul Muir; AA conference Sept 2019

3. Defendible not Defensive Arboriculture

4. Rethinking the Trees from the Ground up (Part 1) and, Rethinking Tree Health (Part 2)

5. Pollard Creation (Oak) – Three Models

6. Evaluation of the Specialist Survey Method for veteran tree recording

7. Life Stages of a Tree

8. Planners manual for Ancient Woodland and Veteran trees (2019) Woodland Trust

9. Retrenchment Pruning AFZ-DerWald (p425-427)

10. Sheeps Green and Coe Fen, Cambridge – 2018 Veteran and Ancient Tree Survey Case Study

We would like to hear from you! If you have suggestions for articles and information that you would like to see included in our library, please get in touch with us and if you require assistance with any other tree related matters, get in touch with our team today – click here

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