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Tree Planting Strategy

Tree Planting Advice and Support

We have been engaged in providing expert tree planting advice for many years. The rationale that informs all of our services for tree planting is to support our clients to achieve a landscape with thriving trees that are excellently suited to the location where they are growing.

Too often we see trees fail because they are planted in inappropriate locations, with inadequate tree pits, are poorly planted or there is little or no aftercare. Our services and advice focus on planning and implementing successful planting schemes that avoid these pitfalls. Tree planting requires significant investment and it is an unnecessary waste when planted trees to fail.

From tree planting strategies to planting management and post-planting quality checks, the expertise that makes us a leading name in UK arboriculture has enabled us to help manage existing and new tree schemes in a way that preserves the heritage of our ecology whilst also allowing properly-managed urban progress.

At Treework, we bring expert knowledge to the process of tree planting, from soil management to planting advice, we support the delivery of well-managed schemes that have the best chance of flourishing.

That means ensuring we help project managers and landowners to achieve the right diversity of age and species, advising on soil health and the best planting practice for each tree species and providing ongoing support to ensure those trees are properly managed in the months and years following planting.

The knowledge we bring to a project has been recognised in the leading role we take in national tree management and also in awards, most recently for our involvement in a multi-million-pound urban regeneration programme in the London borough of Southwark where we advised on and audited the planting and maintenance of over 900 semi-mature trees in streets parks and housing estates.

You can find out more about how we can support tree planting initiatives by reading our sections on tree planting strategy, planting management, post-planting quality checks, compensation planting, tree planting design and soil advice.

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