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Compensation Planting

Compensation Planting

Compensation planting relates to situations where existing trees need to be removed to allow for development and the local authority requires the developer to replace them with new trees.

Because compensation planting policy and requirements vary from authority to authority, our knowledge, expertise and experience of working with current systems means we are best placed to calculate the number and size of trees which are appropriate to meet the authority’s requirement and to determine the optimum timing of replacement planting

We use both Tree Replacement Systems, that calculate numbers of replacement trees, and valuation systems such as CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees), that generate a financial value for trees. These have a proven track record of achieving fair settlements where replacement systems have been used to calculate compensation.

We have extensive experience of successfully modelling the replacement of the value of removed trees over time, to achieve fair and practicable agreement for mitigation planting and support this with expert planting advice and design.

Our pioneering methods to deliver sustainable and practical tree replacement have been developed to support the objectives of both developers and local authorities.

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