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Planting Management

The practical aspect of tree planting and aftercare is highly skilled and in the majority of cases will be the difference between newly-planted trees thriving or dying. Poorly implemented tree planting and inadequate after care often results in an unattractive landscape of dead or dying trees.

Because we have years of experience and expertise and are recognised as a leading authority on tree management, we’re able to provide our clients with all the site-specific information, advice and practical help they need to ensure the success of the trees they plant.

We can offer end-to-end provision of tree stock procurement and contract management, including the creation of tender documents that wholly reflect client policies and objectives.

Whether working with private property owners or with designers, producers and contractors we are committed to delivering sustainable and successful tree planting schemes.

And by providing structured quality management of works as well as audits of planted trees and expert advice for practical remedial action, we can help our clients to keep trees healthy and safeguard their longevity.

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