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Post-planting Quality Checks

Post-planting Quality Checks
Post-planting Quality Checks are an important part of the services we provide because they support the continued success of tree schemes long after the planting has been completed.

By providing Tree Health Assessments and Tree Planting Audits we can support our clients in ensuring their tree planting schemes form vibrant landscapes that add value to buildings, infrastructure and both private and public realms.

Tree planting schemes represent significant financial investment and require a vision of the future landscape. The success of a tree-planting scheme is essential, not just from a financial perspective, but also from an environmental standpoint: the decline or death of planted trees creates a landscape that appears unhealthy and unappealing.

Our Tree Health Assessments form a comprehensive report on the condition of the trees planted, identifying threats to their health and providing advice to support the continued successful establishment of the trees.

Tree Planting Audits are expert reports on compliance with the agreed technical specifications for tree quality, size and species as well as planting location and how the tree has been planted.

The Post-planting Quality Checks we provide represent an objective assessment of the quality of the trees and the planting methods employed to establish them.

These reports mean those involved in landscape design, procurement and implementation can have confidence in the overall future viability of the finished planting scheme.

Our visual assessment is also supported by scientific analysis using the Arborcheck System which reports on the vitality and viability of trees. This innovative technology, which measures the Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Chlorophyll Content within tree leaves and includes an exhaustive nursery benchmark database of optimum values for over 400 tree species, forms a key part of our Tree Planting Services.

Our Tree Planting Services uses our experience and expertise as a leading authority in our field to advise on planting design, nursery tree selection, tree planting strategy and soil analysis as well as offering advice to help our clients achieve both success and value for money from planting schemes.

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