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Soil Advice

Any successful planting scheme is dependent on the availability of healthy and appropriate soil in which to plant the trees.

Because soil type and health can vary enormously from one location to another, we work with some of the most highly-regarded soil experts in the country to assess not only the health and structure of the soil, but also the appropriateness of the soil for the species of trees that are to be planted.

By ensuring we source good quality soil and by using our extensive knowledge of soil health to improve soil where necessary, we can help to ensure that not only do tree planting schemes have the best possible start, but that the trees will flourish in the future.

Our approach to tree planting delivers the best possible chance of success for the tree planting schemes we advise on.

By ensuring newly planted trees have the best start, we can support clients in ensuring those schemes are viable over the long term as well.

Tree planting strategy is vital where large land holdings are concerned. Owners and managers of these large estates will usually want to ensure that their tree stock is sustainable in the long term and tree management is increasingly becoming a central part of estate management across the UK.

In order to achieve a tree strategy that makes sense over a number of years, it’s vital to have a tree population that represents a diverse age range as well as a broad spectrum of tree species which are appropriate not only to the surrounding landscape, but also the region as a whole.

Understanding the wider environment and the role trees play in that should be a central plank in any successful and sustainable tree planting strategy.

We work closely with our clients to understand their aims and objectives and to then develop client-specific tree strategies which support the long-term goals of the tree owner.

Our work around tree planting strategy includes advising on tree planting locations and tree species selection and providing comprehensive advice, guidance and specifications to ensure planting success and the long term sustainability of new tree populations.

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