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Tree Planting Design

Tree Planting Design

We apply our expert knowledge of tree species, form, attributes, growth patterns and soil and other environmental requirements to create first class tree planting design plans and deliver planting schemes that are sustainable and in harmony with their surroundings. It also means we specify the right tree is in the right location, avoiding the wasted time and resources that result from getting tree selection wrong.

We take pride in building strong working relationships with landowners, designers and planners to achieve very high quality tree planting designs that best meet all their objectives.

Our consultants are among the most respected in the UK and bring years of experience of planting design, installation, audits and review. Our advice, design and tree selection are informed by a thorough understanding of best practice, national guidance and regional and local planning policy.

Our Tree Design Plans and visualisations are clear, making it is easy to see where trees will be located as well as showing how planted trees will fit with the developed buildings and landscape not just at the time of planting but over time as the trees grow to maturity.

Our technical details of tree pit and planting designs help decision-makers, designers and implementers know exactly what will be involved in the planting process and have confidence that the tree planting is achievable from a practical point of view and that planted trees can thrive in their environment.

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