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Trees and your duty of care

Trees impact on us in ways we often don’t fully appreciate, and those of us who work with them professionally on a daily basis know that balancing and resolving the conflicts between the benefits and beauty provided by trees with the problems and duties involved in their management can be complex

Our work means we have a responsibility not just to the trees we help to manage, but also to the humans who come into contact with them

Our company has supported tree owners and managers in meeting their duties for the past 30 years and we understand the different and occasionally conflicting considerations that exist around public safety, policy, tree protection, public access and biodiversity.

Good tree managers understand it’s impossible to remove risk without detracting from all the benefits that trees bring. That means proportionate tree risk management that is defendable rather than defensive is required to effectively meet the challenges around complexity and conflict.

At Treework Environmental Practice we work with tree managers help them to understand their duties and issues. By working with them to review and audit their work against national policy, case law and regulations, they can deliver a proactive, map-based strategy which is backed up by a comprehensive tree and work record linked to a sophisticated GIS mapping system.

As experts, we try to ensure our tree policy, inspections and management are never ‘over-specified’, but assist the owner and manager to meet their duty of care through a balanced and proportionate response to the real, rather than perceived, risks.

It’s an approach that offers peace of mind to a great many loyal customers.

It also helps to control costs for both the tree owner and tree manager, improves monitoring and ensures all stakeholders have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

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