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Tree Planting Strategy

Tree Planting Strategy

Owners and managers of large estates usually want to ensure that their tree stock is sustainable in the long term and tree management is a central part of estate management across the UK.

To achieve a tree strategy that makes sense over a number of years, it’s vital to have a tree population that represents a diverse age range as well as a broad spectrum of tree species which are appropriate not only to the surrounding landscape, but also the region as a whole.

Understanding the wider environment and the role trees play in that should be a central plank in any successful and sustainable tree planting strategy.

We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and the cultural and environmental context in which their tree population is to grow. Through this partnership approach we are able to develop client and area specific tree strategies which support the long-term goals of the tree owner or manager.

We provide valuations of tree populations at design inception, independence in the landscape and at maturity.

Our planting strategy work includes advising on tree planting locations and tree species selection, review of soil and bio-security. Providing comprehensive advice, guidance and specifications to ensure planting success and the long term sustainability of the tree populations.

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