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Structural Damage & Subsidence Tree Reports

Structural Damage & Subsidence Tree Reports

Treework Environmental Practice provides tree consultancy services including structural damage and subsidence tree reports to private clients, including property owners and buyers, throughout the UK.

While trees can add financial and aesthetic value to property; trees can also cause and / or contribute to structural damage to buildings and other structures.

Treework Environmental Practice advise home owners and buyers on the risks of trees causing subsidence and other structural damage to buildings. We also advise on the likelihood that existing damage has been caused by trees. Our tree reports include clear advice and management recommendations.

Insurers and Mortgage Lenders will often require a report that assesses the risk that the property will be damaged by nearby trees. We provide a Home Buyers Arboricultural Report to meet this requirement.

Where structural damage has occurred, it is often necessary to establish whether trees have caused and / or contributed to the damage. We provide an arboricultural Structural Damage Report to inform insurance claims and decisions relating to trees and structural damage.

Where trees have been implicated as the cause of structural damage, the tree owner(and / or their insurer) who is held liable for the damage requires an independent report to establish the likelihood that the trees are responsible for the damage and also to calculate a value for the trees that can be used to inform decisions regarding rectifying the damage and the removal or management of the trees. We provide an arboricultural Claim Handling Report to meet this requirement.

We also advise on tree management and construction options to avoid future damage being caused by trees.

Services for homeowners:

  • Home Buyers Arboricultural Report
  • Subsidence Risk Report
  • Structural Damage Report for Tree Owners
  • Structural Damage Report for Insurers
  • Claim Handling Report
  • Advice To Help Avoid Damage from Trees
  • Advice: Protected Trees, Tree Preservation Order (TPO’s), Conservation Areas
  • Resolving issues with planning applications
  • Tree Work Contract Management (Tree Surgery / Felling)

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