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Tree Stability Assessment

Tree Stability Assessment

Treework Environmental Practice provides tree stability assessment services for the detailed assessment of valued trees. We use the most advanced tools available within current arboriculture, to provide an accurate assessment.

Static Load Test and Tree Stability Assessment

The static load test is the most up-to-date and detailed method for tree stability assessment. This has proved successful in both saving trees thought to be unsafe, and thus condemned to be felled and for increasing public safety by identifying trees that are critically unstable.

This is achieved by measuring both the bending strength of the tree stem and the anchoring strength of the tree roots.

Static Load Test and TreeΒ Stability Assessment Provides:

  • An understanding of the structural stability of tree roots (previously inaccessible)
  • Recommendations for retaining valuable trees thought previously to be unsafe
  • Guidance on the maximum, stable height of a tree
  • An understanding of the effects of ‘wind load’ on a tree’s stability

Why Partner with Treework Environmental Practice?

Market Leaders in the UK

After years of promoting and applying the concept of tree statics, Treework Environmental Practice are proud to be the first company in the UK to purchase recently developed instruments for static load testing.

Experts in Static Load Testing in the UKΒ 

Treework Environmental Practice has been a member of the SAG Baumstatik group since 2004; the only UK representative in this international group of experts that was formed to develop the method and train new users. As a result of this commitment to fostering links with European practices Treework Environmental Practice are now acknowledged as the leading UK experts in the field of tree statics.

Lower Costs

Treework Environmental Practice are able to offer the test at a more competitive rate than previously due to this improvement in the efficiency of data collection together with the ability to provide the service directly from their company premises.

Various technologies are now available for carrying out a visualisation of internal trunk condition by providing a map (tomogram) of the wood quality of the trunk. This internal decay mapping is used to assess the extent and condition of the residual wall of trees where there is suspected decay. The main technology applied by Treework Environmental Practice is the Picus β„’ Internal Decay Tomogram which offers a clear image of the internal condition of the stem, showing areas of decay and weakened tissue.

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