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Trees: the key to climate proofing our cities

Temperatures in UK cities are predicted to rise by 3–7°C by the end of the century. Research indicates that a 10% increase in urban tree cover would completely neutralise this impact. According to the Trees in Towns II study trees are being lost at an alarming rate and urban deforestation is offering a hot future for city life.

With better co-ordination, within existing government guidance and management mechanisms, it is possible to achieve the level of canopy cover that will make the difference. This requires a strategy that, wherever possible, all large trees are conserved and planning and design ensures that we grow trees successfully to become big trees with big canopies.

This pioneering conference brought together a wide range of speakers to explore practical possibilities to reverse tree loss within the current planning framework. Our aim is to drive an initiative to achieve the required canopy increase. This can be done but only through the widest possible involvement between all relevant stakeholders, professions, government organisations, citizens groups, etc.

Please continue to provide us with your advice and ideas by using the comment box below. I invite you to become stake holders in this process by contributing to the blog.

Neville Fay, Principal Consultant Treework Environmental Practice

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