Getting Started with Tree Management

What happens if a Housing Association does not get its trees surveyed?

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The consequences of not managing or improperly maintaining your trees population can be severe.

Landowners and Managers who do not proactively manage their tree population are not meeting their duty of care, in law, for public safety. The following problems can result from not proactively managing trees:


Trees that are not surveyed and maintained properly can become hazardous, as they may have weak branches or decay and be at risk of collapse. This can result in damage, injury or even death.

Excessive costs

Unnecessary tree surgery can cost tens of thousands of pounds and is bad for the environment.

Legal issues

If someone is injured or their property is damaged because of a housing association's failure to maintain trees, the association could be held liable and may face legal action.

Nuisance complaints

Trees that are not surveyed and maintained, add time to your officers’ time dealing with complaints such as trees causing shade problems, trip hazards, leaf litter and sap residues to properties and possessions.

To avoid these types of complex, stressful and costly issues, it is important for housing associations to ensure that their trees are inspected regularly and maintained proactively.

Let us carry the weight for you.

We have 40 years of experience of successfully supporting landowners and managers.

Working for a Housing Association means that your typical day is often a busy one, filled with changing priorities often leading to a stressful environment, where you could, quite frankly, do without trees on top of everything else!

Being solely tasked to sort out your organization’s trees, you probably don’t have the time or resources to research and understand the terminology and different approaches to tree inspections. This can hold you back from gaining the knowledge and expertise that you need to have in place, to start proactively managing your trees.

That is why we have put exactly the information that you need to know, in a short webinar and broken it down in simple language that you can understand quickly!

Public Open Spaces

Why you need to attend our online seminar on Getting started with Tree Management!

Our online seminar will provide you with the foundational knowledge and tools needed to formulate a plan to manage trees throughout your estate.

Attending our seminar will help professionals responsible for managing trees to understand their legal obligations and how to fulfill them.

Effective tree management can be expensive, and so you will need to learn how to manage trees within budget constraints. Our seminar on tree management will provide you with a cost-effective strategy for long-term tree care.

Communication with stakeholders: Estate managers may need to communicate with residents and other stakeholders about the importance of tree management and the steps being taken to manage trees at properties. Attending a seminar can help them communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

Join our webinar

By attending our webinar on Getting Started with Tree Management we will provide you with the foundation knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage trees over your estates, reducing the risk of accidents and damage and improving the quality of life for residents.

Trees Overgrowing Paths

Treework Environmental Practice provides professional tree management services, including tree surveys and management plans, to help housing associations and other organizations manage their trees effectively. Here are some ways in which Treework Environmental Practice currently supports housing associations:Β 

Treework Environmental Practice conducts comprehensive tree surveys to identify potential safety hazards, assess the health of trees, and make recommendations for appropriate management.

Based on the results of the tree survey, Treework Environmental Practice can develop a tree management plan that outlines the actions needed to maintain and manage the trees over a housing association’s entire portfolio, including open spaces.

Treework Environmental Practice can assist a housing association with tree planting by offering expert advice on suitable tree species for the area, considering factors such as soil conditions, climate, and long-term maintenance requirements.

Treework Environmental Practice can also provide advice and management strategies for controlling pests and diseases that can affect trees.

Treework Environmental Practice can provide training and education to housing association staff and residents on how to identify and report potential tree hazards and the importance of tree management.

Remember your trees are awesome and we want to help you promote their benefits to your residents and team!

What our clients say

β€œ Treework Environmental Practice's arboricultural expertise has been invaluable in supporting our housing association with effective tree management, providing expert guidance, and ensuring the safety, health, and beauty of our trees for the benefit of our residents and the environment. "
Graham Joes, Head of Estate Services
PA Housing



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